Multiplexed Control System Multiplexed Control System

Multiplexed control system

Multiplexed Control System

The control and monitoring system in the vehicles are becoming more and more complex. This is leading to increased use of cluttered wiring harness which, are difficult to install, service, add to weight, increase cost and are hazardous.  New technology using in-vehicle networking method can not only solve these problems but will offer more benefits to the system. MG Grey Engine has some unique solutions for the Bus Body Controls and has been field tested successfully.


  • Reduces the cabling drastically by almost 60%.
  • Protects the complete harness from fire and burn out.
  • Provides diagnostic using standard diagnostic protocols as in ISO14230, ISO 15765 or as required.
  • Supports both CAN and LIN protocols.
  • Simplifies the installation, trouble shooting and saves time.
  • Using Smart HMIs, it can be scalable for more control features.
  • It can be retrofitted using existing switches on the dashboard.
  • Can support both contact relays as well as Solid-state-relays.
  • They are very small, sleek and light weight.
  • Target loads are connected to the Nodes, and the number of nodes to suit the wiring layout.
  • Adaptable to both Body and Chassis controls.
  • Cost effective solution.