Touch Switch Controls

Touch Switches are very versatile and are very well suited for automotive cock pit user controls. Due to the flexibility it gives in terms of shape and type of overlay material, they can be elegantly designed to suit the dash board space. They are absolutely dust and water proof and isolate the user from any shocks and fire hazards. They can be made compatible with the multiplexed control systems based on standard in-vehicle networking protocols like CAN and LIN.


  • It is a smart HMI(Human Machine Interface) module for cock pit control .
  • Can be designed to suit the number and type of switches.
  • Can support various types of Key pad locks.
  • Can be kept hygienic by wiping it clean with damp cloth with soap.
  • Looks elegant and can support different overlay substrates like ABS, Polycarbonate, FRP, Glass, ceramics and other non-conductive materials.
  • Does not have moving parts and hence long life.
  • Can take any logo or text to refer switches and therefore user friendly .
  • Can be backlit and can also support haptic response.
  • Touch switches can be configured as multi-functional.
  • Can support both contact relays as well as Solid-state-relays.
  • Compatible with CAN and LIN protocols to interface with multiplexed controls.